6 Tips for Choosing a Charcoal or a Gas Grill

Discussion over which one is the best, charcoal grill or gas grill, doesn’t have an end. Both the grills are better in their own way but still, the question is, which one to buy. The answer depends on the taste and comfort level it provides. So let’s sort it out and get a clear picture of it.

Getting the grill started

While on the other hand charcoal grill takes a long time to pre-heat and sometimes you need a lot of patience to get it started. Thus it is very time consuming and cooking becomes very slow.

So on the basis of convenience, a gas grill is better than a charcoal grill and it will save your time and makes grilling fast.

Cooking Efficiency

And cooking with charcoal grills can give the real smoky flavors to your food and trust me it is so good. If your first priority is to get the best smoke, you can trust the charcoal grill blindly.


So if giving time to cooking is no big deal for you, must go for the charcoal one because better taste is present there only.

Safety becomes the most important concern while someone is cooking because any mishap can take place while doing so. No doubt that gas grills are easy to use but gas can be explosive if you don’t handle it with care. Controlling temperature in gas grills is little easy, with a dial setting you can adjust the temperature you need for your food.

Charcoal grills are hard to handle and the risk of fire sometimes makes it difficult to use in-house. You cannot control the speed immediately with a charcoal grill and there can be flare-ups that may cause higher health risks.

Choosing a Charcoal or a Gas Grill

Temperature Control

In both the grills, the temperature can be a problem if not handle with care. You can make a 2-zone setting on both the grills. Keep one side ignited and another side cool, it would be helpful in maintaining the temperature and cooks your food in a better way.


Spending money becomes an issue while purchasing something. You need to look into many factors before doing so. Gas grills are expensive because of the mechanism, also it will cost you more while assembling the parts.

While if you go for a charcoal grill, it is much cheaper than the gas grill and can easily be repaired or replaced (in case, required).

Well differentiating on the basis of fuel is quite difficult because of prices of fuel changes time to time. But mechanism wise charcoal grill would cost you less.

Cleaning the Grills

Clean-up job can be easier if done on a regular basis. Gas grills don’t take much effort, you can clean the grease and carbon with the help of soapy water and dry brush and its done.

While with the charcoal grill, along with the grease you need to clean the ashes also. It is easy if you have an ashtray with the grill.

On the basis of different techniques used, a gas grill is easy to clean as it doesn’t require any extra effort of cleaning ashes.

Cleaning the Grills

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