John Dixon/The News-Gazette Server John Norcross takes an order in the dinning room at the Great Impasta on Wednesday May 13, 2009 in Urbana.


And since 1983 we have created pastas, sauces and soups from scratch. Piero Faraci opened the business with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and quality products. He purchased produce from local farmers, and supported local bakers and coffee roasters.

I was fortunate to be his friend and student for nearly two decades. And I took his lessons to heart. Today, we still order Parmesan by the wheel so we can offer it freshly grated; we order coffee beans freshly roasted so we can offer them freshly ground; extra virgin olive oil graces the tables and is the foundation for our acclaimed vinaigrette. Our bread dough is stretched and baked fresh throughout the day. Our homemade pasta is made fresh per Piero’s specifications on a machine straight from Italy. And we still support our community as best we can.

For all our attention to good food, nothing is more important than our commitment to great service. We welcome you to a calm and restful environment where our courteous and attentive staff are eager and willing to accomodate your requests whenever possible. Please let us know how we can serve you better.

Thank you for the opportunity,

Harold Allston

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